I needed a lawyer who understood cycling and products liability, that is why I called BicycleLaw.

Scott Polk
Middleton, WI

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About Bicyclelaw.com

Bob Mionske is an attorney with a law practice that is exclusively focused on representing cyclists, and bicyclelaw.com is the website for his practice. On this site, you will find legal advice for cyclists who have been injured by motorists, unsafe road conditions, or defective cycling products, and what cyclists can do to best protect their rights. You will also find safety advice, links to Bob’s publications on  bicycle law, including his Legally Speaking columns and Bicycling & the Law , and other bicycle law links. Finally, you will find a link to Velologue, Bob’s blog on bicycle culture in all its manifestations.

Bob has been riding a bike for most of his life-- when Bob was six years old, he taught his grandmother to ride again, reintroducing her to the simple joy of riding a bike. Later, when he was 16, he spent the summer cutting trees for his dad. Bob’s reward-- a beautiful new touring bike, on which he spent many a day touring the back roads to the forests and lakes of Wisconsin. While attending college at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Bob relied on an old cruiser to get around. After he graduated, Bob made the United States National Cycling Team, representing the United States at the 1988 and 1992 Olympic games, before racing professionally for Team Saturn.

Bob retired from professional cycling after the 1993 season and headed off to law school. After graduating, and passing his first bar, Bob opened his own law practice-- the first law practice in the nation devoted exclusively to representing cyclists. In short, what makes Bob different is that he’s a cyclist who practices law, and all of Bob’s clients-- whether daily commuters, weekend warriors, or pros-- are fellow cyclists.

And that difference makes all the difference for you. If you’ve been involved in an accident, you need an attorney who “gets it” from the first phone call. Bob know the rights of cyclists on the road-- in fact, when it comes to the rights of cyclists, Bob wrote the book. Bob knows how bikes handle. Bob knows that cyclists who are hit by an inattentive driver are often blamed in the police report for the driver’s error. Bob knows what the continuing ability to ride means to a cyclist. When you call Bob, you don’t have to educate him on cycling before he can effectively represent you.

Bob offers free consultations for cyclists who have been injured in cycling accidents, or by defective cycling products. Working in concert with expert accident reconstructionists and forensic engineers, Bob will investigate the cycling accident, obtain photos, interview witnesses, and prove the negligence of the at-fault driver through the law. Bob can  uniquely evaluate your injury from the perspective of an expert cyclist and attorney experienced in these types of claims. Bob will stay in contact with your medical providers, and ultimately, see that you get the compensation that is your legal right as compensation for your injury. If you have been injured in a cycling accident and would like to discuss your case with an experienced attorney who “gets” cycling, Bob welcome your call for a free consultation.


Welcome Bob Mionske to the Bike Law team!

January 28, 2014

Welcome Bob Mionske to the Bike Law team! We (Ann and Peter) are thrilled to welcome Bob Mionske to the Bike Law...


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